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JuggleSim is a completely free siteswap juggling simulator and validator. It displays a figure juggling the siteswaps you enter and validates patterns, generates transitions and allows user defined patterns to be saved and edited. Patterns can also be saved as .jsm files.

JuggleSim will give info about the siteswap as you type, info include period, number of balls, maxthrow, state, transitions and stack notation equivelent pattern.

26th May JuggleSim 2.0.1 released. A few minor bugfixes, supporting of natural patterns of form '4b shower' and fixing of a focus issue when typing in patterns while running with Mono. To download, please proceed to the downloads section.

15th May JuggleSim 2.0 released!

JuggleSim 2.0 release notes
  • Now has a figure that is simulated rather than just the balls
  • Improved interface; now uses a multiple document interface that elliminates the need for heaps of windows open when you have multiple simulation windows open.
  • Fixed bug with balls seperating in scoop in multiplex patterns
  • Improved anagrams finder speed, now works very quickly for patterns with periods less than 12 for vanilla siteswap.
  • Anagrams finder automatically opens beneath siteswap entry box when there is a collision in the siteswap.
  • More animation settings (ball size, gravity, throws per second and dwell ratio) and easier access with controls at bottom of window
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • 'Natural pattern entry'; this allows entering of patterns such as '3 ball shower' which will automatically evaluate to 51
  • New favourites window that allows sorting, naming and editing patterns and is easily accessible by the button to the right of the siteswap entry box
  • JuggleSim now remembers more settings such as the size of the window when it was last opened and whether it was maximised
  • Allows easy comparison of simulations with 'tile vertically' command
  • Better, more intuitive arrangement of menu items
  • Same interface for animation settings rather than having two versions like in version 1.0
  • Automatically update simulations in real-time

  • To see screenshots of JuggleSim click here.

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